How It Works

We at RD1 Websolution & Marketing pvt. Ltd. Our Services trust in loyalty, respect and lucidity. We recognize the allowance of our team and appraise them as our greatest benefit. We esteem both our internal and external stakeholders and work with the people who appraise ethics and social responsibilities.


Protect Your Idea

We recognize the significance of your idea as it is an analytical property on which your business is constructed. The first initiation towards this is that we signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and as our partner, the security of your idea is a matter of great concern.

Discovery & Planning

A strong infrastructure is a key to any product’s success. At Sunflower Lab, we draft the roadmap to construct an optimized product. We look out for both the essential and non-essential attributes, which saves you money and time. We recognize our risks and consult with clients on mitigation strategies. Our solution architects recognize the right technology and skills necessary to bring your product to the market.

User Centric Designs

If a picture is purposeful in a thousand words, then a clickable prototype is valued in a million ways. Generating a design prior to constructing an appropriate solution is significant for long-term success. We help you visualize your brand’s identity and tailored user experience by first constructing a high-fidelity, clickable prototype. The user-centric design labels the business requirement in a more systematic, visible, and user-friendly way.

Build & Launch

Our scrum-based agile technique is an insistent and incremental development platform for leading product development. While our engineers focus on designing software, our Quality Assurance(QA) team corroborates that the software is functioning properly and of the highest quality. Our recurring software constructs and client demos help us to gather valuable client feedback, in order to make improvements to the software.

Support & Maintenance

We furnish post-development support in order to corroborate the quality of your software. The ability to quickly resolve bugs is crucial if you want to have a polished product prior to launch. Fine-tuning your software will also help you to acquire positive feedback and employ first-time users, an important function for any new application. Additionally, our support & maintenance service is a great way to ensure your investment against future problems caused by new operating systems, browser versions, etc.

Learn & Adjust

In the constantly varying application market, the ability to learn and enhance your application is important. After the initial release, Sunflower Lab will always be accessible to renovate your application to meet the needs of your users. Part of our promise is to ensure that you are successful not only in the initial build of your application but for many years to come.