Pay Per Click Services/PPC

PPC is one of the unique and speedy ways to get a top ranking on search engine results. PPC is a fraction of Digital marketing techniques that help to reach a huge audience and maximize the website’s online presence.


PPC Marketing

PPC is a simple way of promoting your brands, where every single click on an advertisement is paid. It offers you a satisfactory return on your investment in an economical manner. PPC Services helps you reach a targeted audience including factors like keyword, website, location, date and time, etc. It also enables you to measure costs, profits, views, clicks, and visits, etc. Rd1 Websolution Softwares provides PPC attributes to direct maximum traffic to your website.

Our PPC experts first favor to understand your needs, goals, targeted customers and other factors, they study and inspect the market scenario of your business sphere, competitors and then formulate the plan accordingly. Our company’s professionals possess the foremost skills & offer you the most leading PPC(Pay Per Click) advertising attributes within the affordable rates.

Mobile App Development

Improve Your Results with the Right Pay-Per-Click Marketing strategies

PPC advertising should be a portion of every online business or a store. At RD1 Websolution & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. we don't just advance your PPC campaigns; we work with you to improve the conversion rate of your website so you can expand ROI from your business. We know that the inflated conversion rate will be a substantial advantage your business will have. If your business or brand website is not optimized you could be wasting money on unwanted clicks or paying extra dollars on selected keywords. We do all the hard work so that you can enjoy the benefits.Paid advertisement is the fastest way to generate sales for your business.

Paid Search

Do you want your company’s view at the top position of the search engines? Paid search marketing is the most adaptable form of marketing drafted to link your ads with searchers.

Display Advertising

As Google Analytics Partners, we are capable to help you in organizing & setting up the environment to track and estimate your online display marketing activities and getting increased sales potential.


Our progressive remarketing proficiency helps you to show ads to people who've to look up your website. We help you to reconnect with your active audience to get more conversions.

Media Buy

We generate landing pages that line up with the ads designed in your PPC campaigns so that your users find what they are searching for quickly to drive more targetted traffic.

Shopping Ads

Our technique of organizing your shopping ad campaigns guarantees that you get extensive exposure, acquainting a higher click-through rate (CTR), and generate more sales successfully.

Social Media Advertising

We accomplish new social tactics to advertise on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and bring more business to you. We trust in creativity.

What our specialists do?

Are you ready to take the advantages of paid search as part of your marketing work? RD1 Websolution & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. helps you to improve PPC management strategies that are suitable and profitable for your business or industry.

  • Collaborate with multiple ad social networks: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.
  • An exclusive Pay Per Click consultant for PPC campaign management.
  • Audit of titles, landing pages, and meta descriptions for each keyword.
  • Account set-up and PPC campaign management.
  • On-going monitoring & optimization.
  • Extensive keyword research.
  • Reporting & Results.